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geek poetry
I'm continuing to feel better, and think I'm over the cold entirely. Though I'm still not feeling 100%, I think that's because I've not had my allergy medicine for a few days and I haven't had a shot of T in almost 3 weeks - I'm running low and want to make it last and figured since I was feeling rubbish anyway I might as well skip the last couple of weeks. I have allergy medicine again and will be doing my shot tomorrow, so hopefully those issues will resolve themselves.

Some links I found this week:

While I was angsting about not writing fast enough, I found an article on how to write faster. It doesn't really give any practical advice on increasing speed (other than write more), but it does give an interesting look at why writing is so hard.

My mum sent me this, and I just signed up so I have no guarantees that it's any good, but if you're interested a bloke by name of Mark McGuiness is offering a free, six-month, weekly email course on how to manage a creative career. Each lesson is essentially an article with associated worksheets. The first week looked decent - nothing ground-breaking, but interesting.

Those who, like me, have ever done free-lance or consulting work or ran their own business know that people frequently ask for your help or work on projects they're doing, especially if you do creative work. Jessica Hische has created a handy and hilarious flowchart to help you decide if a project is worth your time.

And on a different subject, I want to recommend the text of a speech Su Penn wrote about love through transition, and love - and life - as an act of faith. I found it incredibly moving and inspiring in early transition, and something I recommend to anyone who is starting on this journey themselves or who knows someone who is.
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